Holiday Queues Without Blues

The holiday queues had begun to take their toll on me. Then, my smart phone arrived.

Now, I’m reading the news, listening to blogs, and checking my emails while waiting in line.  I learned about wiki-leaks. I heard about journalist linguistics being subsumed by military rhetoric.  I read gmails as fast as my BlackBerry-wielding sister could shoot them to me.

This week only…My office building started leaking gas, and we couldn’t ignite our car engines to leave. My oral hygienist was 20 minutes behind schedule.  I forgot that it was a military payday until I started to check out at WalMart.

But with my new Droid 2, I was armed against frustration.  I found my NPR news app, and I was lost in another world.

My disposition has improved.  I figure that my blood pressure must be better also.  (OK, I admit that my hospitality has suffered.  But that’s another blog, and blogging entitles us to privilege whichever competing blog we fancy at the time.)

Bless you, smart phone (and my son who set it up for me)!


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