Sue Perette

For our third and final stop of Brooklyn Restaurant Week 2010, Funny Nurse and I thought we’d try Po for brunch.  Unfortunately, some douchey owner felt it necessary to open 30 minutes late and smoke outside instead.  Well then why did you leave the door open?  So that we could embarrass ourselves by halfway walking in?  Why does your website say 11:30am?  No thanks.  So instead we trotted up to Sue Perette, which is ostensibly some random French place a block away, which also happened to be participating in Restaurant Week.  Though the prix fixe seems a good deal, I never received my salad or coffee to accompany this triple-decker sandwich, which also took kind of a while to come out.  The fries were oddly thin and not satisfying.  It was like eating nothing.  Plus, I think the waiter was crying.  Or it could have been allergies…but the point is that something was off.  On the other hand, the boozy drinks are crazy cheap, and at least there were no strollers.  Kind of a throwaway, but the price is right.  I’d love if they could alter the light fixtures to appear less like they are two seconds from falling on me, since they seem to be held in place with some stray wires and a bit of luck.  But to each his own.


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