Stan’s Place

For our second stop on the Brooklyn 2010 Restaurant Week tour, J and I checked out Stan’s Place, which serves New Orleans cuisine.  We first past it early in the morning on our way down Atlantic Ave towards Fort Greene and returned around 4pm because their prix fixe menu seemed the least disagreeable and most promising.  As it so happens this particular Saturday turned out to be a welcome preview of the spring to come.  Unfortunately, we were a bit early for dinner and too late for brunch, but curiously they offer a “pre-dinner” menu.  I kind of wish more places did this.  Think of it as happy hour for food.  Stan’s Place’s “pre-dinner” menu is comprised of various snacks, salads, and sandwiches.  J ordered an oyster po-boy, and I tried the shrimp po-boy.  Call us shellfish queens, if you will!  As you can see we washed them down with a healthy carafe of peach sangria.  My po-boy was simple but hit the spot, and at $10 there was little I could complain about.  Sure, the prior strenuous walking coupled with the sangria probably were contributing factors to my overall hunger.  But on the other hand, I think the total bill with tip came to something like $40, which is ridiculously low.  All in all, a perfect lazy Saturday afternoon.  I’d go back.

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