In which I try to explain Asian marinades whilst wine-drunk.

Oven-roasted broccoli and Roma tomatoes
Salmon filet
Asian glaze for both

I’m not quite sure if this salmon turned out overdone or just right.

The charring was limited to the skin and was obviously a result of the glazing.  That was the point?

And herein is where I attempt to explain my marinade, or at least, what my wine-drunk mind imagines the definitions of the ingredients used to make it:

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Mirin: It’s some kind of sweetened rice wine, perhaps fortified.  Syrupy.

Not to be confused with…
Rice Wine: OK, so this is somehow different from mirin.  It’s definitely a cooking wine, though less sweet and thinner.

Soy Sauce: The ever-present salty swill somehow made from beans, which are occasionally a desert.

Siracha: I’m pretty sure this red “cock sauce” is actually made in Brooklyn and not Thai at all, but oh well.  Best paired with Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich.  Somehow fulfills my naive notion that spiciness = less fat.

Don’t tell me if that’s not true.

Lemon: Because you need a little sour in every marinade.

Garlic and Onion Powder: Because sometimes it’s too hard to julienne.

Thai Basil: Which didn’t actually make it into this marinade, though I did chop it.  Or maybe Imeant to chop it.  It’s totally growing in the Aerogarden, so I at least get credit for that.  What a better use for Thai basil would there be?  Exactly.

Sesame Oil: Serves the same purpose as olive oil, except it has like 100x the flavor, albeit in a somewhat already cooked way.  Not to be overused.

Olive Oil: Because you can’t overdo the sesame oil.

Salt & Pepper: Not to be confused with Salt-n-Pepa, rappers.

I sautéed the skin side first, as one should, and was disturbed by the blackness upon first flip.  Huzzah wuzzah?!  Not that I’m racist or anything.  When I flipped it once again onto the plate, I was met with this gorgeous and miraculous golden red color.  Success?


One thought on “In which I try to explain Asian marinades whilst wine-drunk.

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