Pete’s Waterfront Ale House

While it may seem like at  Eats Meats West our food-habits are often – if not almost always – dictated in some part by our love of booze; this isn’t necessarily the case.  Well, maybe there is some truth to that.  Ok, so it’s probably a contributing factor to our love handles.

Thanks for rubbing that in!  Are you happy now?  In any case, on one such recent evening we found ourselves a bit inebriated while fleeing a party which had gotten a little out of control.  Naturally, we went in search of food on the way home, and Chip Shop was full, so we went to Pete’s.  “Out of control” in the sense that some random girl had cornered me in the kitchen [in between my empty glass and the magnum bottle of pinot grigio in the fridge].  She felt this was an appropriate time and place to discuss her ultimate goal in life of having lots and lots of babies (which equal happiness) and her inability to bring about said goal as a result of various issues with the men in her life.  Also, she brought a gay guy to this party.  I’m just saying there were flaws in her plan.  So flee we did!

Pete’s extensive laminated menu actually does occasionally contain your stray interesting item, like a venison burger, but generally one goes for the bar and its food.  As you can see I made the very foodie decision to orderbuffalo fried calamari.  Little is memorable from this particular outing because as I mentioned earlier, well, pinot grigio.  I do know, though, that we were once again not offered any of that popcorn from the in-house popper.  What gives, Pete?


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