What the WHAT?

Dear Two readers,

As I searched around my site today, doing some minor editing of posts, I cam across a comment on my Pitcairn Island post (henceforth called “Rape Post”). Apparently, my meager blog is read by people who do not directly know me (SHOCK!!). My surprise was instantly lost when I realized that the post was pro-island rape…or at the very least not anti-island rape?
Here is a brief list of talking points that went through my strange little mind:

1- someone who did not go to college with me read this site
2- they have internet on Rape Island?
3- Am I really that bad at math or was i considering the fact that island territory also includes water rights? Or maybe I just blindly made up a number because no one cares.
4- There is no such thing as bad press…

Anyway, my apologies to any of the several dozen inhabitants of Sexual Misconduct Atoll that I may have insulted…please don’t sue me. The point of the post was more about having to explain your actions to someone who doesn’t know the whole story and it was mirrored by the trials of dudes who had to explain the actions of their society to outsiders who do not know the whole story. Mirrored imagery? Startling metaphor? I feel the urge to scream the words “freedom of speech” or “Fox news is wrong all the time” or something equally as dumb.

For those who do want to learn more about this interesting island, please do go to the official website– which sadly did not come up once in my many many searches.

Oh well, never again will I use the internet for the trivial purpose of gaining knowledge, no, i will reserve it for its intended purpose…a free and never-ending supply of amateur hardcore porn.


One thought on “What the WHAT?

  1. Jerch says:

    And here are the original, lovely follow-up comments:

    tommitalkthai said…
    I saw his response and wondered if you’d made note of it yet. Your lack of response up until now led me to believe you had not seen it.
    March 8, 2010 9:56 AM
    Funny Nurse said…
    yeah, I finally noticed, and it sent cold shivers down my spine to see the looming “1 comment” link at the bottom of this story…
    March 12, 2010 7:22 PM

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