Miriam, Los Pollitos

J and I ventured recently to parts east [of Cobble Hill] to the much-loved, over-strollered, mildly-hipster Park Slope.  Specifically, we wanted to revisit two former foodie haunts, neither of which were operating in Cobble Hill (or never were).  Miriam specializes in Israeli cuisine and stiff, fruity cocktails.  Or so we thought.

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The former Court St location may now be a Thai restaurant, and it certainly has been a few years, but we figured the original Park Slope location would at least replicate the experience.  Well, sadly, they don’t do cocktails, first of all.  That was half of the reason for going!  Secondly, each appetizer was composed of maybe 1-2 pieces of food.  The Jerusalem Bread was literally a single, tiny stuffed piece of dough.  We had trouble splitting it.  And what happened to that trio of sauces?  We were given a singular sauce, which didn’t seem to be either of the original three.  Plus, the courtesy herby salty bread (don’t know the real name) was neither herby nor salty.  What gives, Miriam?  The Knaffe (the eerily red dessert) was thankfully unchanged, but it only ever was just food coloring, flaky magic flakes, and Haagen Daas pistachio ice cream.  As we finished up the check J called Los Pollitos to order our dinner.  The plan was to take home three orders of the “super nachos” after our cocktails wine and appetizers at Miriam.  Yah, well, it didn’t work out that way.  We arrived at Los Pollitos, and they have of course not properly taken down our order.

The woman in charge (?) didn’t address our presence in the slightest, but it wasn’t even busy.  What was she waiting for?  I managed to locate our ticket, saw that it was going to be a while, so J suggested we kill time in the nearby Key Foods.  Yes, we are the kind of people who enjoy killing time in a grocery store.  Sweet lord, that is a large grocery store [for NYC]!  Is every Key Foods better than the one on Atlantic Ave?  The aisles are so wide you could, like, fit two people side by side.  Maybe even three!  There’s a cheese corral, an olive bar, even free cookies!  The best part we saved for last: a self-checkout.   This is not Brooklyn!  Is it, though?


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