Trader Joe’s Vegetable Bird’s Nests

My sister Mel left me a voicemail message that began, “You’d better blog it…freakin’ vegetable bird’s nests at Trader Joe’s.”  She claims (and she’s always right about stuff like this) that these “bird’s nests” are easy to serve, nutritious, and “succulent.”

For those of you who need more convincing…

Now, I’m not disputing my sister’s contention that they’re nutritious; but face it, if you fry (not bake) these julienned veggies that are already covered in tempura batter, you’ve added fat.  But OMG, that sounds delish.  Up to you, of course.

HM would love your feedback on this matter.  Let me know if you’ve tried them and liked them.

Oh, and word of warning.  Evidently, these are hot TJ items that don’t last long on the shelf.

Thanks, Mel!

PS If you’d like to read reviews of many brands of frozen food products, check out…


One thought on “Trader Joe’s Vegetable Bird’s Nests

  1. Kathleen Heritage says:

    They’ve changed!! Something has been removed – perhaps parsnips? They are almost entirely onion now – hardly any carrot OR kale!! What a disappointment!

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