Meaty, Meaty Breakfast

Mmm; meaty, meaty breakfasts are the best!  The more meat the better.  The meat in question being turkey kielbasa, which yes, is a bit of a cop-out.  After last failing to watch a hashclosely enough, we thought we’d give it another try here at EMW.  Plus, we’d received these nifty silicone poaching pouches for Christmas and needed an excuse to try them out.  Note to self: read directions first.  Apparently, you have to spray them with oil before cracking the egg, because otherwise it’s difficult to get the egg out.  Also, the oil possibly distributes the heat better.  I was a little scared to undercook these, and the tops looked so runny the whole time, that I actually overcooked them.  “Why is the hash in a ring formation in the pan,” you ask?  It’s definitely a neurosis, but some part of me believes the interior of the pan is just that much hotter than the rest.  You want the food to cook as evenly as is technically possible.  “Evenly” being the key word.  And yes, that is a cat hair.  They’re everywhere.  Get over it.

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