The Chocolate Room

Following Aburiya Kinnosuke and a long cab ride (one where the video screen won’t turn off – what’s up with that anyway?), we ventured to One Girl Cookie.  I don’t know how I lost track of this, but apparently they no longer do the late night dessert flights with paired wines.  WTF.  We unceremoniously left and headed down to The Chocolate Room, which was incredibly crowded, even for a Saturday night.  It was only around 8:30pm too.  In any case, we were eventually seated.  J and I went straight for the brownie sundaes.  I chose the coffee ice cream, which was heaven, paired with a glass of Rosenblum Late Harvest Zinfandel.  Odd combination?  Yes.  Also, I thought it would be a cold white wine.  Sue me, it was a craving.  No, turns out it’s a warm sweet red wine.  Whatevs.  In any case the waitress was ill-impressed with each of our choices, but she was nonetheless friendly and helpful.


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