Boca Lupo

Bocca Lupo is exactly that restaurant Eats Meats West for some reason never seems to remember is right around the corner, despite all of its great qualities.

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The atmosphere maintained by the rustic-chic decor and friendly wait staff is pleasant, it’s usually not too crowded (well, if you don’t count throngs upon throngs of straight people and their spawn), and the food is of course top-notch.  I think with the opening of all of the other trendy places nearby (Lucali, Hibino, Buttermilk Channel, etc – I’m looking at you!) over the years, people have sort of forgotten about good ole Bocca Lupo.  J and I generally goad other people into getting the amaretto bread pudding, because it’s just so damn delicious, but it’s basically dessert.

We were successful as usual, but we also split a second one along with the truffled egg salad tramezzini.  At one point my Gramma asked me if my iPhone were “a Blackberry or a Facebook.”  It was one or the other.  Oh, and don’t forget to snatch up the garnish before the plates are taken away.  I’ll get you next time, pickled 


One thought on “Boca Lupo

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