BLT Fish Shack

Eats Meats West didn’t really go into BLT Fish Shack expecting Le Dome or anything.  The original thought was to ensure compatibility with a Gramma’s tastes.  It is the more casual and less expensive version of its upstairs cousin, BLT Fish, after all.  In New York “casual” often means you can untuck your shirt and not wear a belt, but you have to iron first and wear a matching watch.  That was the expectation for the food.  BLT Fish Shack is not that kind of casual.  It’s Times Square casual.

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I mean, I feel like there may have been a surfboard on the wall.  Speaking of Times Square, check out the giant cheesy garlic roll!  Despite all this, the lobster roll was delicious.  It’s my first one, so judgment will be reserved for now.  Double meh on everything else.  One musical and a short walk later, we chanced upon an outdoor30 Rock filming, including Tina Fey.  Ahh, New York…


3 thoughts on “BLT Fish Shack

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  2. […] real star, clearly, was the lobster roll.  I’ve never seen a lobster roll presented on such a perfect, fluffy, crispy, and round [brioche?] bun.  The old bay […]

  3. […] for our visit!  The market rate came out to $25, which when compared to Eats Meats West’s last lobster roll adventure, was not too bad.  The lobster meat was very hefty, and the light mayo sauce was so buttery.  We […]

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