Venison Burgers

It didn’t start out this way, a “Mis-Adventure,” that is.

Funny Nurse and I had recovered from the holiday break and came into some ground venison.

You know, like when your friend is like, “I have some venison I need to get rid of.”   Happens all the time.

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After mulling over the possibilities for its use, we settled on burgers.  We realized early on that extra fat would be needed, and we somehow came up with cooked bacon.  You’ll notice that the burger photos didn’t make the cut.  I don’t think the issue with the final burgers was necessarily one single mistake; I think we were just never going to get the juiciness we were picturing, at least not without a heaping of ground chuck or something like that.  The made-from-scratch potato chips, on the other hand, were pretty fantastic if a bit limp.  The flavor was there, but the oil temperature was off.  No biggie.  I infused the oil with rosemary and garlic at very low temperature for a few hours beforehand, but Funny Nurse’ expertise was the real asset.


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