“Sripraphai” is much too difficult for Eats Meats West to spell, much lesspronounce, so it will be referred to exclusively as “Stripper Pie.”  Close enough.

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Stripper Pie” is sadly in that god-awful borough (if you can call it that) of Queens.  Sad in that it is a fantastic – albeit crowded – restaurant.  Eats Meats West does not have a passport to enter Queens, so we ventured forth under great risk and with much trepidation.  Still, it was for a good cause; a foodie friend was in town, and it had been many months since he last had their famous curry.  One totally unwarranted yet fully expected argument with a cab driver later, and we were there!  The menu is quite overwhelming, but they’ve grouped it into categories with pictures and simple explanations.

You could go without knowing what Thai food really is, and they don’t sugar coat the experience with egg rolls and such.  Actually, there are quite a few unusual things on the menu.  The table shared fried pork and crab rolls, chicken curry puffs, beef pad-see-ew, coconut rice, yellow curry, sautéed frog legs, and “green beans” with pork.  That last dish is in quotation marks because it was advertised as a side vegetable, when in reality it was a heaping pile of [tasty] pork meat with the tiniest, most comically small green beans I have ever seen.

It’s like they found tiny green beans, cross-bred them with tooth picks, then dehydrated them.  Small.  Also, I’m never one to turn down frog legs, but these were cut in such a way that only occasionally would you come across a whole leg.  Instead, you’d often find a fraction of the pelvis plus a fraction of the leg.  That’s hard to eat, even with your hands.  I understand that the pelvis has meat too, but couldn’t they have just kept the legs in one piece?  I guess that’s being picky; it’s not like chicken feet ever get that kind of treatment either.  With that being said, “Stripper Pie” gets a solid recommendation.  P.S. I would like to be buried with their coconut rice.


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