Golden Unicorn

Racking up so many trips to Golden Unicorn, I’m starting to run out of things to say, and that’s a good thing.  Arriving early (circa 10am) is definitely preferable.  That much is now abundantly clear.  Not only where there very few white people at this ungodly hour, but we were seated right away.  The food was noticeably fresher too.  They’ve started inexplicably wrapping the lotus leaf rice in some sort of parchment paper, apparently.  I also don’t remember it coming in sets of three, but I could be wrong.

Not really sure about the parchment, but the contents are still top notch.  We stayed long enough to see the coveted pineapple custard buns go by.  Thank god.  Those things are ridiculous.

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One thought on “Golden Unicorn

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