Green Shrimp Curry

Funny Nurse and I experimented with green curry recently, and pictured here is the result.  I chose to go the shrimp route, whereas she opted for chicken and tofu.  Somewhere between claiming we didn’t need recipes yet relying on the back of the curry paste bottle (precariously perched on my fridge door – uncapped, no less), we came up with what was ultimately pretty passably Thai.

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I realize my definition of Thai cuisine is based almost completely on shameless Lemongrass Grill delivery meals, but on the other hand you just know that crap is laden with butter and cream somehow (so it can’t be that authentic either).  In any case, loves it.

Update: Even better the second night.

Update 2: Turned to coconut sludge the third night.  Probably contracted SARS.

Update 3: Oh, also there were box brownies and more of the pumpkin whipped cream.


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