Pork Dog w/ Truffle Gruyère Sauce
Butternut Squash Soup

It’s yet to come up at Eats Meats West, but a little factoid warrants mentioning in this post: I actually get lunch free at work…every day.  “JEALOUS,” he asks in a racially insensitive Hispanic accent, swaying his head back and forth with a slightly tranny facial expression?  Wait, I had a point.  Oh yes, having five fully free lunches each work week means that I’m subjected to the daily ritual of having to choose a new meal everyday.  Sure, the default is usually a “healthy” salad laden with chickpeas, mandarin oranges, and bacon.  But on this day I took a friend’s advice and made the three block trek to Dogmatic.

Good god this is the best take on a hot dog I have seen in a long time!  As you can not at all see in this terrible photo, the sausages are inserted into a cylindrical hole bored out of a baguette-like bun.  They really should think about sticks.  The sauce seems to be inserted first, although I didn’t watch this process and could be wrong.  It’s fucking amazing in any case.  This coming from someone whose entire family is from the suburbs of Chicago, where hot dogs have more toppings than pizza.

Two points of housekeeping, though:

First of all, the staff is exceptionally friendly.  The woman who took our order moonlit as the person on the street giving away samples.  Another person showed up with a dollar coupon just as we were cleaning up after ourselves. Sold.

Secondly, and unfortunately, the seating is completely jacked.  There is a single giant table in the center of the room, and the only seats are these strange pull-out metal things.  I realize a place whose menu is dominated by upscale hot dogs isn’t expected to have table service or anything like that, but on the other hand this isn’t a stand, and we’re not in a park.  We actually had a really hard time finding a spot together – the two of us!  There is also a bench along one side on which one might comfortably wait for his or her food, but you could certainly not eat there.


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