On this very special edition of meals with Funny Nurse, we sample the “higher concept Mexican cuisine.”  Higher than what?

House Salad (greens, pico de gallo, tamarind dressing, panela cheese)
Asado de Puerco (slow cooked pork marinated in chile ancho, served in corn tortillas with black beans and chihuachua cheese)
Sides of corn and beans
Pay de Nuez con Rompope (pecan pie with spiced Mexican eggnog and vanilla ice cream)

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I incorrectly guessed the dressing to be strawberry; it was very sweet and fruity.  Sometimes the most impressive feat in a restaurant is their ability to do a simple salad well.  No disappointments here.

The tacos’ cheese was misspelled on my paper menu “chihuahua.”  I imagined a kennel filled with rows and rows of tiny pregnant dogs hooked up to tubes, slowly cranking out delicious taco cheese.  Keep it up!

As Funny Nurse put it, “the fresh corn was raped by the sour cream and left as a shell of its former self.  It needed to take a shower after.”  I couldn’t agree more with this statement other than to add, “there was corn?”  Now we know why it’s called Crema.

Finally, I’m a little upset that we weren’t offered a cute Crema-labeled spice jar as a parting gift.  I would have probably displayed it on my desk at work for several months before loosing track of it, only to discover in 2 years that it had become wedged into the crack of my seat, thus being saturated by layers upon layers of fart.  But still, it would have been nice to be offered.


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