Golden Bridge

Oh girl, what haaaappened?

The rumor is that all of the big dim sum houses are basically going out of business.  In an effort to remain in business they’re making all kinds of concessions, like ditching cart service.  This is perhaps under the guise of keeping up with the times, since New York is a little old-fashioned (carts aren’t in as common use around the world as they once were), but I don’t buy it.

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Namely because dim sum this past weekend at Golden Bridge blew.  It wasn’t just because of the cart ditching, and it wasn’t just because we were sat in the “fat white person” area in the tertiary ball room (there are three?) – something was off about every dish we tried.  Even the seemingly impossible to screw up options, like shrimp noodles, were mushy and/or cold.

Hilariously, I had no trouble ordering a Diet Coke, but Jason’s request for water was met with skepticism and confusion.  It arrived in a tiny foam coffee cup.  Weird.

We were seated across from some 20-something Russian tourists, who were somehow able to order from a check-off menu, which I had never seen before at Golden Bridge.  What’s the deal?  I noticed many other people were ordering in this way, but we were given no such tools.

I think our total came to something like $18, and we had to pay at the table – despite there being a cashier at the entrance.  Maybe he knew we were dissatisfied?

To make matters even worse, not even J was offered a “pretty lady massage” on our walk home past the bubble tea place on Mott St.  The embarrassment!  Can you imagine???


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