Spotted at the corner of Amity and Clinton Streets is this sign, which was surprisingly not for a lost or found cat.  Let’s pay close attention to the broad use of capitalization.  “Coal,” “brick,” “oven,” “pizzeria,” and “restaurant” are all apparently now proper nouns.  So, too, are “up” and “coming,” which perhaps reference some sort of official Red Hook publicity campaign.  I wonder to which  reviews this sign is referring.  There are very few places nearby that are 20, much less 40, years old.  A quick trip to reveals possibly the slowest loading website I’ve visited in 40 years.  I give them credit for canvassing Cobble Hill, and admittedly the images did make me crave some pizza.  Given that I can’t even think about Lucali without rolling my eyes, I’ll have to give it a try.


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