Why Cafeteria twice in such a short span of time when there are plenty of other breakfast options to try?  Well, we needed somewhere near my office to meet, and to be fair the breakfast menu obviously differs from the dinner menu.

What was advertised as a frittata came to my table as little more than scrambled eggs with stuff on top.  Though technically a frittata does not need to contain ingredients to qualify as a frittata (it’s simply an Italian omelette-like dish, which can be plain eggs, prepared in a pan in the oven and/or broiler, rather than on the stove), I would argue that if Cafeteria labels this one as laden with “asparagus, cherry tomatoes, fresh ricotta, [and] arugula” said components should be cooked into the eggs – not splayed raw on top.

Further, why go as far as to qualify the ricotta as “fresh” yet not the arugula, which is served raw?  Are there even that many aged ricottas for that matter?  Let’s be honest: This is scrambled eggs with a salad on top.  I guess presentation is a matter of style, but I can still complain because it was hard to eat a mound of fresh arugula and eggs.


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