Mushroom Soup
Cauliflower and Haddock Soup
Crispy Terrine of Pork
Pan Roasted Veal Sweetbreads

My apologies for the poor image quality; my camera died, so I had to shoot with the iPhone.  If I have on regret about this meal it’s that I didn’t order my courses correctly (two soups followed by two offal dishes), though to be fair we didn’t know there would be an amuse.

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The mushroom soup (the amuse bouche) was delightfully spiked with a heaping of real truffle oil, which none of us could get enough of.  I didn’t care for the combination of cauliflower and haddock in the first few bites of my second soup, but towards the end it made more and more sense in my mind somehow.

J ordered the seafood chowder, which was an amazing explosion of butter and cream (and uh, seafood).  I would liken it to a cake composed entirely of icing.  Amazing.  Actually, it was almost like a sauce you’d ladle over another dish.

My crispy pork terrine was good but a bit of an oddball.  By that I mean it was a ball on top of a heaping of chickpeas, doused with some lime guacamole.  Not exactly what I was expecting out of a pork terrine.  It was basically a Mexican pork falafel.  Maybe they weren’t imagining it as a terrine at all but had to use a term to describe it.

Lastly, I just cannot get over how much in love with sweetbreads I am.  Funny Nurse ordered squab, so we went back and forth over whose dishes were potentially more revolting.  Thymus?  Yah, I won.  The accompaniments on the other hand, were a bit of a miss for me.  When at first I didn’t really care for the veggies, I thought I was supposed to be combining everything on one fork, but that led to the sweetbreads being overpowered.  Then I thought maybe the pickled cauliflower was a stand-in for cucumber pickles and pearl onions (such as with a typical terrine), but the sourness was still too much.  Something on the plate was definitely seasoned with a heaping of cumin.  I guess what I’m saying is the flavors were a bit all over the place.  Is Saul supposed to be North African?  I must have missed that.

We got the check with a chocolate whiskey truffle (which was to die for) and a tiny spheroid Sandie, which is exactly like the crescent cookies my Oma (may she rest in peace) used to make.


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