Henry Public

Henry Public just opened a few weeks ago.  It’s in the old TV repair place next to Hibino, and I feel like the furniture and decorations were all pulled from second hand shops.  For my brunch I indulged in a turkey leg sandwich, which comes covered in fried onions, and is accompanied by fries.  Check, check.  The meat was unbelievably tender and flavorful.  It was somewhere between Stovetop Stuffing and cream of mushroom soup, but I’m not trying to insult the chef by comparing it to those products.  It’s just that it had this distinct meatiness that I couldn’t place.  It wasn’t particularly herby.  Maybe they roast the legs and then slowly cook them in rendered turkey fat?  In any case, keep it up, Henry Public.  The table also shared these puffy Danish pancakes, which are curiously called Wilkonsons (after the chef Shannon’s last name).  I can’t really say they were very memorable, though I had no complaints otherwise.  Sort of your standard funnel cake dough meets powdered sugar plus some jam.  It seemed like they should just come gratis with your meal, like hush puppies.

Crap, now I must go eat hush puppies.

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One thought on “Henry Public

  1. […] by Jerch Here at Eats Meats West we’ve made no effort to hide our admiration of Henry Public.  From the vintage late 19th/early 20th Century furniture to the ample cocktail menu to the […]

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