Doo Rag

Today I was asked out by the Janitor. The black Janitor.

Let me explain.

I “accidentally” threw my patient’s doo-rag in the trash. So, I went to go looking for it in the heap of garbage bags that had accumulated throughout the day. I did this not to actually find the rag, but to make it look like I had made an effort to find the rag. I did not find the rag

But I did have to ask the housekeeper, henceforth called the Janitor, where the trash was kept.

Now, I do not know the Janitor’s name, but I do make an effort to thank him for the job that he does. He comes in and has to clean up blood and trash and is at the bottom of the OR food chain. I try to be friendly in my own way, you know, by saying thanks, but not actually helping him. He always smiles and asks me where I am from and tries to make conversation with me. I act very busy and sometimes try to ignore, but politely.
Well, this time, I was stranded with the Janitor in a room fill of trash and biohazard bags.He took this opportunity to have exactly this conversation:

Janitor-Hey girl, what you up to tonight?
Me-I am going home, alone…
Janitor-I think we should drink after work, Come on girl, get a drink with me
Me-Thanks, but no, I have a boyfriend.

Discussion Points
1- Yes, I am quite aware that I once again used the fake boyfriend technique of lying. Shut it.
2- He called me ‘Girl’ multiple times.
3- He is a janitor

I have no huge problems with dating someone in a service profession, but there has to be an adequate hot to poor ratio. The greater the hotness, the more okay I am with you being poor- it is a real thing people.

I let him down easy, lied to save his feelings and managed to not get date raped.Sadly, I need to remember that I should not be so nice in NYC- Just because I say hello to you does not mean I want your dick in me.


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