One Girl Cookie

Funny Nurse and I hit up One Girl Cookie this morning for breakfast, and against all odds we accomplished said goal.  By “odds” I’m referring exclusively to rain, which in New York justifies nearly any lazy activity you can think of.  Delivery for lunch?  Sure.  Don’t exercise today?  Obviously.  Show up late to work and make lots of hurried, tiresome guffaw sounds throughout the day?  Guaranteed.  I was a little off the mark with the choice of One Girl Cookie for breakfast, not because they don’t do breakfast per se.  Rather, their idea of breakfast is – how shall I put this – healthy.  I was anticipating your typical egg sandwiches, made with some artisanal spin no doubt, but with fried eggs and cheese nonetheless.  Instead we both ordered yogurt with granola and stewed pears as well as a baked egg dish, which FN claimed had cream, though I wasn’t sure.  One of my yolks was runny (a plus), while the other was not.  We joked that next time we should just order a cake for breakfast.  (I wasn’t joking.)  Also, the family tree 4-panel painting in the dining area reminds me of Ilya Kabakov.  Or is it just me?

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