Ping’s, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

I don’t really feel comfortable writing much about Ping’s in this post, as we didn’t really order more than a few random dumplings.  Other diners ordered these duck breasts, but when we go again I’ll definitely sample some of the more unusual dishes: abalone, duck tongues, frog legs, etc.  Also, I didn’t have any idea if Ping was actually there, since we didn’t have time to do our research (our first choice, Mei Li Wah Bakery, was unexpectedly full).

Later, we checked out Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, which was just around the corner.  I ordered a scoop of black sesame, and J tried the red bean.  I definitely had the better of the two.  It was very sweet, had hints of honey, and was very smooth.  Maybe we’ll try durian next time.

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