Last minute deals

I am a procrastinator. Indeed, i believe that much of my life decisions have been put off and made at the last minute where there are few options. That said, I am not doing too bad.

Anyway, I was invited to a babyshower for a friend/co-worker in North Carolina and I very much wanted to attend. Alas, it would have been do difficult to fly down etc., so I RSVPed ASAP with a “cannot attend”.

Then I forgot all about it.
Until last night when I flipped the page in my day planner and saw that I had penciled in the baby shower. So, like any good friends, I immediately signed on to babies’r’us and target to see her gift registry. As one would figure, everything that was a reasonable gift to get for a causal friend or coworker had been bought. Instead, the gifts that were left fell into two categories- poor person and immediate family.

Poor person gifts were washcloths, bath towels, soap, butt cream. They are gifts that are under $9.99 or under. They can be bought alone, or grouped together to make a more substantial gift (perhaps in basket form). the problem with this category- there were only two gifts. Inadequate.

The immediate family gifts are outrageously expensive and are usual equipment that had many safety features. Immediate family buys them because they actually care if the thing/baby lives to carry on the family name. Highchairs, strollers, care seats, elaborate bath devices with flotations, straps and anti-drowning whistles.

Now, let me explain. If you are reading this, than you know that my mind works a little differently. This is not just a problem of expressing my baby-love in a monetary way- “congrats, I love your baby $50 worth!”. No. It is the message that the gift sends. Casual friend = casual gift. If i decide to give her a baby seat it is unexpected and a little creepy- as if I am more invested in the friendship. The gift is never just a gift. Too intimate a gift is inappropriate.

So I did what anyone would do. I bought the cheapest expensive gift on the registry. And then. I bought a pack of bath towels for $5. This sends a great message. A message that I will not write in words but hope will be picked up none the less. It says “Congratuations, here is a really expensive gift, but do not worry! Don’t freak out that the gift is a little elaborate for such a casual friendship, it is the gift I wanted to give! Look, the money is so immaterial to me that I am going to throw in one more little gift just to show you that it is not a big deal. Relax. Enjoy your new Graco Mosaic Stroller in Lemongrass. Mozaltov!!”

Phew. Problem solved.


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