Golden Unicorn

We’re starting to get a little lazy – complacent if you ask me – with our Dim Sum choices.  Golden Unicorn seems to be standing up to the competition, though, with consistency at the very least.  I should have pointed this out earlier, but if anyone watches Gossip Girl then you might recognize the interior as the setting for a recent episode.  We’ll have to branch out and try Chinatown Brasserie or Vegetarian Dim Sum House (yikes!) one of these days.

In any case, the food was spot on, per usual.  My only gripe was with the steamed pork buns, which Funny Nurse calls “pork clouds;” they were a little too gooey and not salty enough.  Maybe it was just my share, and/or maybe it was just a bad day.

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Our one new dish to try was this bun-ish disk of other indeterminate savory bits.  Of course you can’t tell what the interior contains from the outside, so we asked the cartstress what was inside.  “Vegetable,” she said.  We bit into it and found mushrooms and some form of meat, which was either white meat pork or dark meat chicken.  Both probably.  Either way you swing it, she was neither wrong nor comprehensive in her listing of the ingredients.  Vegetables were indeed included, yet if you were maybe a, I don’t know, vegetarian, you might be a little peeved to bite into a hunk of pork (or chicken)!  Hilarious.  I want to work at a Dim Sum house one day, and I’ll learn only enough Cantonese to answer questions in the most vague way possible.  “Is this beef or pork?  Or what is this,” they’d ask?  I’d pause and then answer declaratively, “not fish.”

Later, I learned that Mongolia is in fact a country and not a region of Chinussia.  This came after a discussion of what cultures don’t like Chinese food.  Mongolians.


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