Mind Freak

I just realized that none of the hospitals in which I have worked has had an OR #13. That is six. Six hospitals, that is, who choose to cower before the almighty, all powerful THIRTEEN. Hospitals filled with medical professionals, scientists, scholars- persons I would not necessarily think would believe in magic and twilight zones. No, I would expect a healthy assortment of zealot religious types mixed with the cynical and the rational.

Then I met him. A doctor of urology, 55 years old, Indian (from India). He shall henceforth be called Dr. He sat down next to me at the front desk and began to watch YouTube. He insisted that I cease answering phone calls from the Emergency Room and watch this amazing video he was sent. He smelled quite strongly of BO and clearly had an erection, so my first instinct was naturally to flee, but alas, he had me cornered. Quite literally, he was blocking me into a tiny corner and invading my personal space and air supply.
So I watched. And it was Criss Angel. That massive tool who spells his name phonetically and preforms hopelessly desperate illusions that ‘no one can figure out’. Yeah, except any one who knows vaguely of video editing and is a cynic knows that these are elaborately staged events. Criss Angel is not, as Dr. insisted, magic.

He showed me a clip where Criss got run over by a steamroller. (WATCH- start at 5:58)He lays down on a sheet that has been set up before hand off camera where there are no witnesses and then lays down and gets run over, screaming the whole time, until he makes the steamroller back up and his bones are miraculously not crushed into powder.

Dr. was stunned. Stupefied. He was quite certain that Criss Angel was indeed magic. I tried to explain- “no, Dr., he cannot shift the cells of his body around so they lay flat” “nope, he is also not a super fast healer” “incorrect, he did not train at Hogwarts” All those attempts at rationalization fell on deaf ears.

So I tried a new approach, this time, I tried to explain how the stunts was actually performed. Criss lay on a blanket over a trap door/ramp that would lower his body into the ground as the roller ran him over, i even showed him how the blanket was wrinkled in a very obvious trap-door shaped pattern.

Not only did he not believe me, but more followers (all from Asia in some way) came to the computer to see this amazing feat, this present day super hero- not one of them finding it odd that if a man did possess these powers he would, indeed be captured andexperimented on by the governments of many powerful countries.

There was nothing else I could say, I was outnumber (and we all know that a wrong answer shouted out by a lot of Filipinos makes it a right answer…) I also realized that the more i talked, the more disgusting BO air I had to breathe, so i squeezed my way out from the corner and tried desperately to talk myself out of the idea that his stench can cause cancer.


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