The Spotted Dog

After several failed attempts to snag Saturday brunch at any number of quality restaurants in Chapel Hill or Carrboro, we settled on The Spotted Dog for 1) nostalgia, and 2) lack of time.  After half a day we’d already run out of things to do, and to make matters worse a “football game” was apparently starting at 3pm.  Throngs of “fans” seemed to be flooding the town, clogging sidewalks with a blur of pale blue “school spirit.”  Fleeing to nearby Carrboro, we didn’t find much in the way of what I would call entertainment.  There’s some kind of glass/brass craft place on Franklin St. that seemed OK…..who I am I kidding, I’m never leaving NEW YORK!

Oh, and this tuna sandwich was garbage.  Is that albacore?   Yes.  Why would anyone do that?


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