Zuzu Ramen

There’s a ramen bar on 4th Avenue and Degraw in Boerum Hill?  I was surprised too.  Will I ever go there?  No.  Thankfully, this year’s Atlantic Antic brought this obscure Asian place out into the open, and I was more than happy to sample their “Mini Pork Buns with Braised Pork Shoulder, Scallions, Cucumber, and Sweet Chili Sauce.” I guess what I was impressed about Xie Xie Project’s seemingly strange pork bun sandwiches wasn’t really all that impressive; the steamed “taco” buns are apparently common.  I’ll endeavor to discover the actual term for these white starchy steamed patties.  Um, no I won’t.  Anyway, thanks, Six Point Craft Ales, for the special Atlantic Antic seasonal brew. And special no thanks to the man who interrupted us by saying, “are you Jewish!?”  No.

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One thought on “Zuzu Ramen

  1. […] After we finalized the check, a man in a suit came around the floor with a large platter of roasted duck.  We thought that it would just be another expensive dish that you never end up ordering, but as it turns out he was making these little duck sandwich/wrap things.  I tried to snap a shot of the table next to us ordering them, but I couldn’t quite get close enough. There was sliced cucumber and a brown sauce.  Obviously, I didn’t taste it, but the appearance reminded me of some sandwiches we’ve tried at Xie Xie Project and Zuzu Ramen. […]

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