Asian Fusion Chicken Lettuce Wraps

By “Lettuce Wraps” I mean lettuce sticks that are too narrow to wrap anything.  And by “Asian Fusion” I mean whatever I had in the pantry.  It’s really just a curry powder-less curry with all of the other usual staples (lime, coconut, pepper, garlic, etc).  OK, there might be some miso in there.  Don’t judge me.  I gotta say, though, boneless thighs fall into a nice middle ground between chicken breasts (which, let’s be honest, are beneficial only in their easiness) and a whole chicken (which, while delicious, is obviously not always conducive to a 2-hour meal).  $2.15 worth of chicken thighs was a little too much for one person.  The orange bits on the plate are shaved carrots, and the other objects are pine nuts.  Pine nuts go with everything.

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3 thoughts on “Asian Fusion Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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