Pressed sandwiches (various)

Too much cheese?

I’ve concluded that I’m not allowed to term these panini since they weren’t made in a panini press.  They’re george-foreman-lean-mean-fat-reducing-grilling-machine-wiches.  That rule doesn’t really apply to everything, I suppose.  I’m trying to imagine what to term the products of a chinoise.  Bloody for sure.

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While I’m on the subject, George Foreman, I have a bone to pick with you.  Why is your machine so small, so breakable, so purple?  So cat hair attractive!  I remember the original iMac just like everyone else, but what I still don’t understand is why we were supposed to accessorize our lives with other similarly colorized devices.  Why would my kitchen appliances need to look like my computer?  I feel like Target was mostly to blame.  You and your dorm aisle!

Anyway, tonight’s sandwiches were filled with baby broccoli flowers (the tips, which as it turns out are actually flowers), cheddar, red onions, salami, whole wheat bread, and the final Cowgirl Creamery cheese (a Comte).  Nothing really too fancy to report.  The tomato soup was really just for dipping, as it should be.


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