Soccer Tacos

I greeted my normal papusa lady with a smile when I ordered, only to be told with a whisper that the health inspector was there and that, as such, it would “take 10 minutes.”  I’m not exactly sure why it wouldn’t take ten minutes, since ordinarily I have to wait a while for my papusas.  Also, why was she whispering?  I’m no stranger to ordering snafus at Soccer Tacos, courtesy of the language barrier, and I’ve actually come to expect it.  It’s part of the fun.  Come to think of it, the health inspector was physically in the truck, a vehicle no larger than your average ice cream truck, so did she think he didn’t hear her?  Further, aren’t papusas composed of no more than three ingredients total (corn masa, cheese, and your choice of meat), and are thus inherently simple to prepare?  I’m puzzled why they had felt the need to cut corners up until this point, I guess in an effort to somehow expedite the corn + cheese + meat + burner process [unbeknownst to the health inspector].  Nevertheless, my papusas came out in under ten minutes, despite them being of different composition (pork and shrimp).  Shrimp is definitely the best filling so far, so I try to mix it up and order something else for the other patty.  Loroco is my other usual go-to, but I thought I would try pork.  Turns out it’s not the best choice.  To corroborate this claim, J ordered a pork quesadilla from a different vendor, only to come to the same conclusion.  There’s something too watery and fatty about the pork options at Soccer Tacos…for whatever reason.  I don’t know what’s the deal, exactly.  Anyway…can’t beat that hibiscus tea!


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