Bachelor’s Dinner: steak, Red Hawk, dandelion greens

Another J-less night, another GIANT steak, in this case a flatiron trimmed of the fat.  This time, I did the beef two ways: 1) the usual standard salt and pepper skillet plus oven preparation, and 2) cubed and curried.  I did this mostly because I’m not that great at cutting fat, so I was left with a few straggler pieces.  Once again, the greens were a throwaway, especially since I flavored them with some of the extra curry sauce.  What a mistake that was!  Dandelions should never be curried.  Make a note of that.  Also featured is another Cowgirl Creamery cheese.  This one’s the stinkiest yet: Red Hawk.  It reminded me of an Epoisses that lingered in the fridge too long, and truth be told I should have eaten this earlier.  It’s hard to say given its age if the slightly metallic aftertaste was normal.  Still, I quite enjoyed the flavor and texture.

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