Biscuit Kitchen

Sausage and Scrambled Egg Platter, Lemonade

After a horrendous flight delay and subsequent night at the Lodge America of Raleigh, I was glad to greet the old ‘Ville with a quick stop into Biscuit Kitchen.  And by “stop into” I mean drive by.  And by “drive by” I mean my mother did all of the work.  “Biscuit Kitchen,” you ask?  You know, the one near the highway?  Oh, you haven’t been there?  Me neither, despite spending 16 years of my life in this town.  Despite sausage, hash browns, eggs, and lemonade being the perfect breakfast.  Despite ordering sweet tea, getting lemonade by mistake, being happier about the lemonade after all, then yelling at my mom for correcting the drive-thru guy.  That Biscuit Kitchen.



One thought on “Biscuit Kitchen

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