Fried Duck Egg, Beef Short Rib, Salted Peanut Ice Cream

Unexpectedly meeting my sister on a dual business trip to Boston was a nice surprise. That the restaurant we chose was offering a Restaurant Week meal was icing. Clink is housed within the Liberty Hotel, which is a faithfully remodeled 19th century jail (the Charles Street Jail). I was fairly happy with the fried duck egg, a preparation I’ve neither eaten nor attempted myself. There was nothing particularly off-putting about the short rib, but at the same time there was nothing particularly memorable. It felt like a fairly standard preparation and a fairly standard brown sauce. Curiously the corn kernels felt and tasted freeze-dried. So much so that I am assuming that was intentional? It didn’t really fit, nonetheless, with the grits and beef. All was forgiven after the dessert course, though. My only real gripe was the drink menu. $15 cocktails? Look, Boston, you ain’t no NYC, alright? Don’t act like your shit is anything special, because from what I can see, you got like one…maybe two good streets.  Tops.  That a $15 drink menu acceptable it does not make.

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