Chatham Square Restaurant

Dim Sum (various)

We couldn’t remember why exactly we stopped going to Chatham Square for Dim Sum. Our last trip was about 9 months ago, with some friends. We were seated in the basement, where not one but three tablecloths were placed on the table before we had a clean one. Still, I had recalled the food itself was fairly good and not too expensive. The first bite of the crystal shrimp dumpling, though, threw that recollection into chaos. There was something overly starchy and squishy about the shrimp dumplings, yet the shrimp noodles were way overcooked. The baked pork buns were flavorful and had recognizably chunky onions and meat particles (a rarity I’ve noticed), yet they were cold. The steamed pork buns were warm but otherwise unremarkable. I can really tell when J and I mutually agree the Dim Sum is not up to snuff because we’re both very quiet for the first five minutes – as if we can’t believe ANY Dim Sum would be insufficient. The meal was reminiscent of our one and only trip to 88 Palace, which is the cavernous restaurant housed within that mall under the Manhattan Bridge. Yah, THAT mall. The meal was overall cheap and quick (at one point one waiter was taking away my water while a different waiter automatically brought a new one…without me asking), yet we didn’t order any seconds. There were of course, no other white people, which is always a good sign. Overall it’s a pass.


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