Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies

It’s a key lime tart, on a stick, dipped in chocolate.

I was amazed at how well it stuck to the stick, to be perfectly honest. It was still a mess, though. There were various random signs telling us where we could and couldn’t go (mostly where we couldn’t go). I almost think the key lime pie store is a front for something else, since it’s housed in a huge portion of Pier 41. OK I don’t almost think that. I do. Are they growing the trees indoors?!? It was also a little confusing where the pies were vs. a nearby garden store (which seems to furnish giant tropical plants throughout Red Hook). Not exactly in a convenient spot, but if you’re in Red Hook it’s worth a stop. There are very nice views of the harbor from a nearby “park.” I’m still not super enamored of Red Hook, other than a few exceptions. Van Brunt Street, which is supposedly thestreet, is kind of a crap hole after just a few blocks. I wonder what out-of-towner’s think when they exit the cruise ships, which berth not far from here.

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