Heights Cafe

Green Gazpacho, Mixed Green Salad.

At the end of the day I had no real complaints about Heights Cafe, though it would have been nice to have had an actual small side salad. Alas, their smallest is a full plate priced at $8. Still, I can see the appeal of this place. We were seated at the corner table on the sidewalk. Other than the server having a comically quiet speaking volume, I found the waitstaff to be pretty good. I felt that I was taking a little too long to finish my soup, though as soon as I set my spoon in the “I’m done” position, someone came by to swift it away and replace it (and my companion’s empty setting) with the next course. Not bad for brunch. I’ll probably try it again at some point, albeit not before several others in the neighborhood. Like I said, I can see the appeal. It’s convenient.

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