Forte Restaurant Baden Baden

“Eat first. Ask questions later.”
We ordered edamame, the fried shrimp with vegetables (also fried), and the “Baden Baden Chicken” itself. We also ordered spicy sea snails with vegetables in the “Baden sauce.” When we asked if the waitress liked this or the pig feet better she revealed that the sea snails were “like fish,” while the pig feet were “like pork.” Did we want meat or fish? When I explained we were definitely also getting chicken and shrimp she asked if we liked spicy. Snails it is! Later Danika insisted we order more fries, which we all protested, but in the end it was a good decision. Everything fried seems to come with fried garlic gloves. Why not? J imagined what it would take to get Jonathan really, really upset: “He gets white raisins instead of red on this truffle salad and goes berserk.” My response was that surely that would be the most luxurious salad known to man!

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