An otherwise pretty face…

Something has been bothering me.

Well, lots of things bother me at all times in every way, but this one, well, this I just don’t understand.

Why does Christian Bale have some weird growth near his right eye?
Have you not noticed that? Well, my friends, I have noticed. These past few weeks, I have had the privilege of seeing both Terminator Salvation and Public Enemies- two fine films which feature Christian Bale prominently. However, I cannot concentrate on little things like dialogue, plot or facial expressions when Mr. Bale talks. Don’t know what I am talking about, Blindy McBlindenstein? Well, here are some examples…


Do you see it?

WELL, DO YOU SEE IT!! Because i see it, my friends. I just stare at it and ask myself inane questions like “do his eyelashes rub it?” or “does it obscure his vision?” and “can he feel it pulse?”

And I have something else to show you. Mr. Bale is not the first handsome celebrity face to be ruined by an obscene growth, and he is certainly not the first to do nothing about it. Here are some more pics-

I mean come on!! There is a huge mole in her eyebrow for Christ’s sake. Not a beauty mark, my friends, just a freak show. And look how tan she is? There is no way those moles are not malignant…

If you can look through the caked on makeup and wrinkle lines around the mouth, you will see her trademark chin mole. See, what bothers me about this mole (and the above and below moles) is that they are skin colored. Moles that are skin colored remind me too much of skin tags. Or some parasite with a symbiotic relationship with the host.

Oh, this is a good one! Ewan has had those forehead moles for years and years, BUT, he had the good sense to remove them. Or, well, his dermatologist told him to get rid of them. In my mole research I found that he had them chopped off because they were “questionable for cancer”. Good move.

need to see more? well then go here

And in case you are wondering- yeah…this makes me feel a little like Perez Hilton (but with better hair and face).


7 thoughts on “An otherwise pretty face…

  1. Mick F. says:

    Why only talk about the EyeWart? His neck mole is more obvious in many scenes, and he’s just one of many so afflicted.

    Why do celebrities expect the paying public to study their correctable flaws in closeups, and be thusly immortalized for centuries if films are archived? I thought they were vain people. Denial is my best guess.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow how weird and shallow are you! FYI I stared and stared and cannot see a damn thing on Christian bales face

  3. OMG- I’m SO glad you pointed out Christian’s “little friend” bc it has driven me crazy for years. You can usually tell when one of his movies came out by the size of the wart or mole or skin tag or whattfeverelse it is! Another thing that bugs me is crooked teeth. Also Joaquin Phoenix’s harelip is all I can see when I watch his films- pretty sure Johnny Cash did not have a harelip!

  4. Anonymous says:

    cut it off already!

  5. Snoglydox says:

    Millions of dollars in income, and a few hundred cannot be spent to remove the growths? Cheap[er than makeup!

  6. Anonymous says:


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